Hosting a Conference

We realize there are a great many details that go into planning a conference on campus. We hope the following timeline will assist you with planning the housing, dining, catering and meeting space portion of your conference.

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Planning Process

Consider the following when conceptualizing how your conference will be organized:

  • Your conference may be Monday - Friday, but your guests may need housing starting Sunday night and through Saturday morning. In completing the application, please put the anticipated arrival and departure dates for your guests in regards to their housing needs.
  • Check-in and check-out is at the Conference Desk. Satellite check-ins may be done at the location of your choice for $10.00 per hour per staff person. Please discuss your options with the Conference Coordinator.
  • Check-in is after 3:00pm and check-out is before 12:00 noon unless other arrangements are made in advance.
  • Typically, the meal plan starts with dinner the day the participants check-in and lunch on the day they check-out. Will this be appropriate for your conference schedule?
  • Lost meal and access cards are charged at $5.00 per card. Would you like us to charge the guest for these fees or invoice the conference?
  • Will the conference be paying for the participants' parking permits? If so, we can hand them out at the conference desk or consign a bulk amount for you to distribute and bill the conference for them on the final invoice. Otherwise, guests may purchase the permits from the Parking Office or Kiosks or from the Housing Cashier.
  • Will you be needing any of our conference rooms for additional event spaces? If so, what will your requirements be (Number of people attending, furniture, AV equipment, catering, etc.)?
  • Will you be needing any catering services? Arrangements for catering can be made through the Conference Coordinator or the Catering Office directly. The Conference Coordinator and the Catering Staff work closely together on the conference events, so either way of arranging for catering will be successful.
  • Would you like to make the room assignments for your conference group, or would you like us to? When distributing information to your participants, please ask them to indicate their gender, whether they would like a single room (based on space availability) or a double room and if they have a roommate they would like to share a room with. Also ask if they have any special mobility issues that would affect their housing assignments.
  • If you are a conference group from off-campus, you will need to provide a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy naming Humboldt State University and the University Center as additionally insured during the dates of your conference. Proof of this policy has to be given to the Conference Coordinator no later than 30 days prior to your conference.
  • Groups with minors (children under the age of 18) must provide at least one chaperone (person in a supervisory position and 18 or older) per 15 minors. The chaperones must stay in the residence hall with the minors, and at least one chaperone must be on each floor or in each suite occupied by minors. See the Conference Coordinator to ensure all necessary security clearances have been met. Each chaperone must have their Live Scan and Accurate Background results on file prior to the beginning of the conference.
  • Groups with minor participants must give a copy of each participant's medical release form to the Conference Coordinator prior to the start of the conference. These forms will be kept at the Conference Desk for easy access should there be an emergency.


Once applications and/or inquiries have been recieved, a contract will be prepared. Planner should review, sign and return the contract to secure the reservation for the conference group.

One Month Prior to the Conference

  • Please review all housing and dining arrangements.
  • Schedule a tour of the residence hall(s), cafeteria, the Conference Desk and meeting spaces if you haven't already.
  • Provide special set-up information (for meeting rooms, catering, audio-visual equipment, etc.) Include date, time, locations and number of people attending.
  • Will you be needing parking permits in advance to pass out to your staff or participants? Arrangements can be made to purchase or invoice a group of parking permits.
  • Will you be needing any meal tickets? Meal tickets are wonderful if you have commuters that will be regularly dining or special guests you would like to bring to meals at your convenience. You may consign a number of breakfast, lunch and dinner tickets for the length of your conference. At the end of the conference, please return any unused tickets and you will be billed for what you do not return.
  • Do you anticipate any walk-ins or late registering participants? Should we prepare a few extra rooms just in case?
  • Do you have any guests who will be arriving early or departing late? We can make special arrangements on a case-by-case basis.
  • Off-campus groups must have their liability insurance policy form submitted to the Conference Coordinator.
  • Submit finalized and signed contract agreement to the Conference Coordinator.

Two Weeks Prior to the Conference

  • Fourteen (14) days before the conference you need to provide a housing list of participants and their room assignments (if you have chosen to assign their rooms). If we will be assigning the rooms, please include on the housing list the participant's name, gender, single or double room choice and any roommate request or mobility/special need requests. Please mark staff, coaches and chaperones names so we are aware of whom to contact if there is an emergency in the residence hall during your conference.
  • Provide numbers of possible commuters (for meals and meetings).
  • Submit the final written agenda or program for us to place at the Conference Desk for your participant's convenience.
  • Finalize all requests for catering counts and meeting and equipment set-ups.
  • Please provide copies of medical release forms for all minor participants.


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